I am lucky. Yes I strive for more in my life, but in the midst of wanting what I don't have, I lose sight of what I DO have. And I have so much.

Today I am grateful for:
  • my home - where my family eats, sleeps, works, and the decor for which only I can be blamed
  • Bikram yoga, blogging, salsa - which keeps my mind and body active
  • my supportive parents - who are still healthy and active and run to my rescue at a moment's notice
  • my incredible and generous sister Z and my vastly different bros J and AZ
  • 90% of R's fun, crazy, LOUD, and loving family
  • my job - which I take for granted but is always good to me
  • most of all - my patient R, and our spawn -- the wise-beyond-her-years RoryGilmore, and spirited Precious.

I am also grateful to have the sense not to wear Jessica Simpson's er, outfit. Seriously.

Be grateful.

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