...style genius (or 'I want to go to there...')

Ah, style. You've either got it or you don't. One who most certainly has it in spades is J. Crew's newly appointed president, Jenna Lyons. She has an enviable career, a stay at home hubby, cute kid, a chauffeur, and of course great personal style. But what I envy the most is her home. As you will see, Jenna lives the way she dresses. She mixes things up.

The picture above is of a bay window in her kitchen. Wouldn't you love to sit there with a cup of coffee and the paper each morning?

Many women would trade their first born to have Jenna's dressing room, pictured above. The high ceilinged-room has a stone fireplace, open racks of shoes and clothing. and an elegant settee for which to perch while deciding which pair of stiletto Ballys, silk cargo pants, sequined striped bateau top or statement necklace to wear to the office today, while the chauffeur waits.

Now, I would never ever buy a yellow couch (I've had yellow and I'm over yellow. Now I'm all over pink.), but isn't it striking in this living room? Let's not even discuss the chandeliers. *Sigh* That's a whole other post.

To get the full view of Lyons' stunning home, read HC's full post here.

Images via Habitually Chic

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