...the life of your dreams

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a writer. I read constantly -- everything and anything I could get my hands on. Somehow, and very early on, those dreams changed. I no longer hope to publish that great novel, and sitting at a laptop daily just doesn't appeal to me (heck, I'm doing that now...). Don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful family, a comfortable home, a flexible job. But I want more.

In the life of my dreams, I travel to exotic and luxurious places for my own business, teach Bikram yoga for pleasure, cook delicious meals, entertain frequently and with ease, am surrounded by a loving and supportive circle of family and friends, go out dancing often, and have plenty of leisure time leftover to just read a book, blog or do Sudoku.

Follow me as I take baby steps towards making those dreams reality.

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