I'm procrastinating on two things that I absolutely must get done by the end of the day, namely five loads of laundry, and a work project that I know will take me at least 4 hours. Sometimes a list is the best I can do.

Things that are comforting:

1. Filipino (Flip for short) food, or more specifically Flip pork dishes. (K, it's not possible to be a Flip vegetarian.) Pork barbeque on a stick, pork adobo, pork Bicol express, pork dinuguan, pork sinigang, pork longanisa, pork rind chicharon, etc.... usually dipped in spicy vinegar. I read the vinegar melts the fat when consumed together, and you know what? Works for me.

2. The work of Nora Ephron (except 'Bewitched').

3. Fashion and home magazines. Beyond aspirational, you know you'll have to marry European royalty to ever live like this. But hey, this Filipina did.

4. MJ at his best. Off the Wall, not Thriller.

Images: Panlasang Pinoy, Amazon, Vogue, Elle Decor

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