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This blog was intended to be about living simply. Yet here I am again blogging about fashion and shopping. I can't help it. The post idea fell right on my lap(top). I found this dress here, and was immediately reminded of the nude Valentino worn by the goddess of simplicity and all that is kind to launch her perfume at Harrod's.

J. Crew dress - $128 USD. Valentino - I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing at least the price of return airfare between Toronto and Paris, plus a week's stay at a roach-infested hotel in the Latin Quarter. And the J.Crew dress would be much more forgiving in the midsection, for those of us who haven't been in the yoga studio for 5 days, and don't have a personal chef to whip up low fat Mexican food at our command.

Just saying.

Images: J. Crew

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