What a crazy work day I've had! I'm barely able to put a coherent thought, let alone a sentence, together. So today allow me a break, and a moment of fan worship for the wonderfully talented, underrated Matthew Fox, star of two of  my fave tv shows of all time -- Lost and Party of 5. I can't believe I've waited this long to praise him online.

It's not about his good looks (though I admit I wouldn't mind being stranded on an island with him) but heck this guy can act. I cry when you cry, Jack Shepherd. I feel your pain, Charlie Salinger. I'm still haunted by that Lost ending... at the church with all his friends. *gulp* And when I think of the Party of 5 episode where Charlie cancels his wedding to that anorexic whats-her-name, I mean... *sob*

I take my shows far too seriously. Have a great weekend!

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