Q: What do I have in common with Madonna?

A:  Daughters mortified by their mother.

 Here is a snippet of 14 yr old Lola's account of a recent night out with her iconic mom:
"... I was with like everyone from my house and we had a really good time. My mom was dancing the entire time which is LOL now that I think about it, but in the moment I was just like, ”mom…..no…please no”.
So...I realized while out shopping with Rorygilmore yesterday that we have less than 3 weeks before we head to Bermuda. I need a bathing suit. Just the thought of shopping for swimwear makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. To make things worse it's about as easy to find a bathing suit in July, as it is to find winter gloves in February. That is, it's impossible. I'm getting desperate. Every swimsuit left is either obscene or matronly. Finally I found this

and was about to take it to the cashier, when Rorygilmore spots it.

She: Um, what is that?
Me: It's a bathing suit. It's the only thing here that's cute, and it fits.
She: I hope you're not gonna buy that. Please. It's embarrassing! .
Me: Why?! It's not like we're going to hang out with you at the beach. And it's leopard print. *Roar*
She: Please. Put it away. It's going to be so embarrassing! (voice getting really whiny now) Why don't you buy this one?! (points to matronly plus size floral tankini)

So I dutifully put the leopard print suit away.

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