Damn. This blog wasn't supposed to be about shopping.

But how am I expected to resist my desire to acquire when I open my office email and see this first thing in the morning? (I ignore all with the subject: Urgent Action Required. Right.)

By now I'm sure online retailers have surveyed their demographics, analyzed their sales, and know that prime shoppers like me are the most vulnerable on Monday mornings. Monday mornings when the last thing you want to do is what you need to do, and you know the only thing that can cheer you up is to spend money before you can even get out of your pjs or get that first cup of coffee? ... and that your online shopping bag is filled with beauties like this waiting to go on final sale.

I tried these shoes on when we were in Florida for spring break. I tell you, the leather, it's like butta. And isn't that just the perfect nude colour? Yeah I have a similar coloured peep toes from Nine West, but those have stacked heels, so it's not like it's the same thing. And the J.Crew sales folks themselves told me J. Crew shoes are made at the Ferragamo factory, using the same leather. Really? Just occurred to me these shoes were made to go with this. ugh! Original $275, now $199 less 30%.

I need another summer maxi jersey dress like a hole in the head. I already have three (1 navy from Gap, 1 black racerback from Mendocino, and 1 brown from Old Navy). I don't need another one. But gosh, doesn't this look soft? And I don't have a maxi dress in dark pewter, so this one will surely make me look at least 4 inches taller and as gangly as this 18 year old freaky ectomorph. (I don't know what my body type is called, but I'm no ectomorph, that I know. what do you call the short, er, curvy type?) Original price - $78, now $39 less 30%.

What I absolutely do need is a printed pencil skirt. I have 2 black pencil skirts and a khaki pencil skirt, but I don't have a printed pencil skirt. I would pair this with a blue tank, black fitted shirt untucked and belted... with those nude peep toe platforms! *sigh*

But I am strong. I will not check out today. At least, not yet.

Images: J. Crew

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