... an age appropriate dress?

Guilty!...of sharing clothes with my 18 yr old. Alright mostly shirts or cardis, and technically she borrows from me, but still there are items of clothing that mothers and daughters shouldn't both wear, even if they're the same size.

You see, we have a family wedding in less than a month. (Remind me to hit the bikram yoga mats and the pavement again later.) It's a big one for R's family -- the first grandchild to tie the proverbial knot. Men have it so easy... tuxes or the traditional Filipino barong and they're done. The ladies on the other hand! To two of the generations of women of this clan, our dresses are a source of both concern and contention. The experienced generation don't care much about what the youngers wear, because these kids would look great in a paper bag. But geez, the flack and questioning we get from our daughters!

They have provided US with a list of rules of what they feel is inappropriate or unflattering for anyone over 50:

  • anything long
  • anything strapless
  • anything shiny
  • shawls.

I thought I was safe when I first saw the dress above in a spring J.Crew catalog. R even agreed. I order, it arrived, I tried it on. Yikes... major reality check! Although the dress fit and was actually the right length, I clearly have no business in a short floral bubble dress.

Kids' list in hand, but forever the rebel, I instead chose the maxi dress below, from Cassis. Yes, Cassis! It's Canadian, at my nearby mall, and on sale! Yep, I broke most of the girls' rules (as if I would ever listen to them and I'm not 50 anyway). But in this dress I will be glam, ageless (not necessarily young), and comfy!

Hey, at least it's not shiny. Lesson learned: if you want simple, chic, ageless, super comfortable, reasonably priced clothing, shop at Cassis. (*Disclaimer: This NOT an ad. Cassis has no idea who I am. Unless they are willing to compensate me, and then of course, please call me.)

Do you agree with my choice? Did I tell you it's only $59?! Yes, $59!

Images: Cassis, J.Crew

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