Sometimes I get in a funk. Not just a bad mood, or full on depression, but just a funk. When that happens , I like to think of the things that make me happy. I call it, um, my happiness list.

List is subject to change of course, but here's the current . Note that many don't cost a cent, except possibly some sweat, or in the case of (2) a whole lot of sweat.
  1. a good hair day
  2. Bikram's final savasana
  3. success with a new recipe
  4. a hot cup of fresh strong coffee sweetened with condensed milk
  5. a mailbox filled with the latest mags and catalogs
  6. a good movie (heck, even just a passable chick flick, like Dear John)
  7. finding a new Tour Eiffel for the collection (k, technically this could cost $)
  8. a kiss from R
  9. a hug from Precious
  10. a smile from RoryGilmore

Why don't you think of your happiness list or start your happiness project?

Have a great weekend!

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