Club Monaco's new collection

Ugh. I have to confess...I use my employer-issued laptop for blogging. And now I can't seem to add images on my blog due to added security measures, or whatever... It's time to spring for a personal laptop, probably a refurbished Macbook pro that possibly my sister can help me score. (Update: technical issues fixed, for now...)

I'm just DYING to post pictures of the new Club Monaco collection (IN STORES TODAY!) but I can't. Trust me though, it is beeeauuuutifuuuul. You will want to buy everything in it. I'm craving the faux fur coat (which I swore I would never get, b/c I bought a leopard coat 3 years ago), the leather skirt, everything! Read here.

just my style... except for the hat, I can picture me going to No Frills in this...
On second thought, I have several similar things like these already, like the striped scarf, and the camel coat. Hmm, time to shop the closet. That's another post.

Another 'me' outfit... except if it were cold to enough to wear a coat, I wouldn't be wearing peep toes, no matter how fashionable.

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