a bikini body!

Of course that's not MY body!

These to-die-for abs belongs to Cassey, the genius behind blogilates. She'll inspire you to believe that you too, can look almost this good. My crazy-fit nieces introduced me to Cassey's pop pilates videos on you-tube where she demos her workouts, instructs you through the moves while smiling and chatting and amazingly, breathing, throughout. Honestly, you'll get tired just watching.

At my age, the only way I'll ever get her body is through gastric bypass, lipo, and having my mouth wired shut--at the same time. But the rest of you should follow blogilates where the incredible Cassey writes about:

Fitness--she's got workouts for every one of your body parts;

Food--There are recipes, food plans, and her 8 week eating plan to get her abs (I wouldn't last 8 hours. If I only had the discipline!); and

Lots of Pilates!

Who needs a personal trainer?

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