...fashion friday: felonies and favorites

I'm not the fashion police, but if I ever catch any of you in these, I will make a citizen's arrest and charge you with a fashion felony. The pricetags alone leave me speechless.

L to R: 1. VPL liquid stretch leggings, $275, 2. Alexander McQueen wool silk leggings, $1020, 
3. Stella McCartney animal print silk pants, $635, and 4. Sass & Bide pants, $475

The mighty Oprah airs her last 'Favorite Things' show today. I'll exchange 5 years of my life (1983-1987) for a ticket to this show, and I'm bringing earplugs. Can you imagine the loot?

It's Friday! I'll be found here all weekend, catching up on the December magazines and catalogues, movies on my PVR (The Runaways and New York I Love You, in case you were wondering), lots of hot coffee to start the day and a bottle of wine to end it... Oh, and red velvet cheesecake sometime in between.

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