...thursday talk: texting

So tv star Eva Longoria is divorcing her NBA star husband, Tony Parker. This juicy scandal is gaining more than the usual share of attention because Eva decided to file for divorce when she discovered that Tony had a year-long texting relationship with a former teammate's wife.

Eva told everyone Tony's a cheater, is asking for spousal support despite already making tons of her own money, and got Tony to release a statement insisting he did not want to file for divorce. I LOVE HER. 

Which leads us to the burning questions of the day:

1. Assuming there is no physical contact, do you consider a texting (or email) relationship cheating?
2. Do you check your spouse's text or email messages? Do you have the right to check?
3. Are men really so idiotic that they don't bother to delete their text or email history?
4. Should Eva receive spousal support?
5. Could Bristol Palin actually win the popular tv show that I WILL NEVER WATCH AGAIN?

My answers below:

1. Umm, no. Until there are pictures.
2. No. Yes.
3. No, men delete their text history unless they have something to hide or lots of money to lose. Then yes.
4. Yes! You cheat, you pay.
5. Sadly, yes. Voters are stupid.


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