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The Complete Gidget Collection (Gidget / Gidget Goes Hawaiian / Gidget Goes to Rome)

Long before I became heartless and cynical, I was a dewy-eyed teen glued to the tv set. I thought for sure I'd meet my first love on the beach--he with thick dark hair wearing a light colored polo--and he'd sing to me at a midnight luau...

Was there ever anyone dreamier than Moondoggie? *sigh* I've watched this scene a hundred times.

Gidget is a perceptive coming-of-age in the 50s(!) film about a cute girl who discovers surfing and love, in that order. The whole thing is ridiculously dated, but I can't help it, this is my 'honest to goodness absolute ultimate' favorite movie of all time!

Sandra Dee is adorable, and James Darren DIVINE.  I won't say anymore; I'm in love all over again.

Fashion note: Look at the clothes on these perfect creatures. They'd both look good today. Her dress could be from Anthro, her cardi and his khakis from Jcrew, his shirt from Lacoste. Best teen movie couple ever.

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  1. I'm with you--love Gidget! It was fun watching that clip. Ahh, the sweetness and innocence of romance in the '50s! :)


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