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Aritzia Holiday Gift Guide

Aritzia is a very popular retailer among teens and young adults. Frankly, I think they're overpriced for the quality. EVERY other girl in my neck of the Hill, including my own Rorygilmore, owns that ubiquitous $300 parka. Click here to look at their holiday gift guide.
I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. But that just encourages young girls, who couldn't possibly have much of an income, to spend $400 on a bag. Insanity!

Wilfred stiped shirt, $55
However, you really can't have too many striped shirts.

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  1. Marzz, you keep me informed and entertained, I thought my magazine tear sheet scrap book was fun. Now you have me clipping things putting them on my computer desktop and now I have to find the time to keep them organized in my computer scrapbook.

    All in good fun .. keep up the good work. Luv TM


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