my work bag

This is my 'work bag'. It's perfect -- red, It, and big enough to hold everything I need and more:

  • 3 different sizes of zippered cases containing 1) the largest for makeup; 2) the medium for feminine stuff; 3) smallest for iPhone and mophie cables and chargers;
  • case for sunglasses (from C Wonder - big, black, and very cat eye);
  • reading glasses case (from Kate Spade - pink, smallish, and cat eye), for the 2.00 reading glasses I need to wear in addition to my bi-focal contacts; 
  • iphone wristlet (Tory Burch black ), for cards, cash, iPhone -- the only thing I carry with me if I'm picking up coffee or groceries or whatever;
  • a red file folder mysteriously labeled 'Personal' which means bills and other stuff I've been meaning to deal with and will get to later;
  • scarf.
During the work week, I'll carry my pink Starbucks thermos with almond milk coffee from home, and the day's supply of food for work. While it's inconvenient that my office doesn't have a coffee place or any decent places for lunch in the building, I don't mind brown bagging it. In addition to my trusty thermos, I'll sometimes have fruit, and a glass container with protein and veggies for lunch. 

And there's still plenty of room for my Macbook… and shoes!

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