saturday silver screen: Love Story...

When there's too much on my plate or when I have nothing to do, I just want to sit in my comfy chair, sip vegan hot cocoa, watch a sad movie and cry.

I'm sure you're familiar with Love Story: Rich boy meets poor girl, they fall in love, girls gets fatal illness but maintains perfect glowing skin and lustrous hair.

These trailers already make me teary.

Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw were never better; Love Story was the highlight of their careers.  The premise is simple but the dialogue is witty, acting superb, and the soundtrack...haunting.

And Ali's preppy 1970s wardrobe would still be perfect today.

When I wear my camel trenchcoat, I turn the collar up as a tribute to Ali/Jenny. (I really have to be reminded that my life is not a movie...)

jcrew boulevard trench

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