joe fresh is my new jcrew...

Yesterday, after a particularly gruelling day of Christmas shopping at the Vaughan Mills Disney Store (if this isn't hell on earth, it's pretty close), I was thrilled to find the new Joe Fresh located directly across the hall. Hallelujah!

Example 1
Joe Fresh, you had me at "$69 100% cashmere" sweater.
100% cashmere at $69! Not pictured, but it comes in a variety of colours. So soft! 
Jcrew cashmere sweater, I'm not sure of the cashmere content, but $286. C'mon!
Do the math.

Example 2
Vneck sweaters are a big part of my daily cold weather uniform, usually worn with a tank and leggings or jeans. Let's compare Joe Fresh's vnecks (with 10% cashmere) and Jcrew's offerings, shall we?
Cashmere blend vneck sweater, $19! And you can pick one up at Loblaws at the same time you're buying, say, oyster mushrooms, or Haagen Dazs half-the-fat ice cream... 
Jcrew vneck. I'm not sure if this is 100% cashmere, and I doubt it is. $194! Need I say more?

Example 3
And last but not least, the peacoat. 

You know I've been looking for a classic peacoat for a few months. I ordered Jcrew's majesty peacoat in maraschino cherry (size 4P). I was disappointed in the quality (not thick enough), the fit (too big), and Jcrew's customer service (what do you mean I can't return it to the Yorkdale Jcrew store?) overall.  

Let's take another look at Jcrew's majesty peacoat:
Jcrew majesty peacoat, $298, and just not worth it.
...and what I purchased at Joe Fresh.
Joe Fresh black peacoat, with gold buttons, $99! It's slightly A-line, but I found it far more flattering (size XS) than the majesty peacoat. It was actually $79 when I used the coupon below. Total $90, taxes in.
None other than Carrie Bradshaw herself shops at Joe Fresh. I knew we had the same good taste.
Not that it matters, but when I took the 'Sex and the City' quiz, I'm a Carrie! And SJP and I share the same birthday, so we're style soulmates.

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  1. Lovely sweaters! I like all of them! My mom has one that looks exactly like the khaki one.. I wonder if it's the same, haha.


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