NO! even if they say so here
YES! YES! YES!  Details here and here.

I'm not a 'nails' person. I barely have time to file my nails. And even when I go to yoga regularly I don't get pedicures nearly as much as I really should (maybe b/c of yoga too). My mother has beautiful hands and nails, and does her own mani /pedis to this day. (I can barely see my toenails!)  Her nails are always the perfect length and look professionally polished. This is not a skill she passed to me. I've never had hand/eye coordination, and now I can barely see, so my only hope to get decent looking nails is to go to the salon. Frankly, there are so many other things I would rather do than sit at the nail salon for 1 1/2 hours. At least at the hair salon, I can read or do Sudoku.

Grey nails, trendy as they might be, are not flattering on anyone. You will look goth, and your hands will look dirty.

The nude nails, however, simple and classic. And if like me you have tan/olive complexion... gorgeous!

Trust me on this one.

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