tears of joy...

Hugh Jackman reads this blog. Otherwise, how could he possibly have known my favourite songs? He sang  them all beautifully on his critically acclaimed one man show. I cried tears of joy. Not pretty tears of joy--but the chest heaving, sniffling, loud ugly cry.

He opened the evening with Oh What a Beautiful Morning (a song that I love so much I've blogged about it here and here). It began to feel like an out of body experience, though I remained relatively calm.

As Hugh sang this love song to his wife, the rest of the audience (women and men of all ages) swooned. I sobbed and lost it completely.Ugly cry became embarrassing.
Hugh with the luckiest woman in the world
The show just kept getting better. He sang as Peter Allen, performed numbers from his favourite movie musicals (Singing in the Rain! An American in Paris!), and danced like nobody's business --gyrating flamboyantly, skillfully, sexily, and adorably.

When Hugh ended the show with Mack The Knife, a song I only secretly adore, I wondered...How did he know? There can only be one answer: We're soulmates.

Me and Hugh

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