products I acquired that I actually use (a short series): bare minerals

I'm sucker at the makeup counter, but there are very few makeup and cosmetic products that I've bought that I actually use and recommend. So this will be a very short series.

bare minerals get started kit for medium complexions

At the end of last year's family cruise, we found ourselves with a few days left in our vacation to enjoy Boston. You know how it is when you come back from eating too much and sunning too much? My body was a mess and worse, skin couldn't decide whether it was dry or oily, fair or dark. The makeup in my luggage would not do. Luckily, our hotel was situated in this vast shopping complex with a Sephora, the best makeup store ever.

After swirling, tapping, and buffing 2 shades, my skin looked and felt amazing. The Bare Minerals Get Started kit is a product that actually lives up to all the glowing reviews.

Because of my lifestyle, this isn't a product I use everyday. But in the rare occasion when I'm not just going to yoga or the grocery store, I love this kit. Possibly the best $60 you'll ever spend on makeup.

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