products I acquired that I actually use, pt 3: lipstick, poppy king for jcrew

poppy king for jcrew lipstick
Who has the confidence to wear bright lips? I don't. I'm a neutral lip kind of person. Then occasionally I'll catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think "Dear God! Put some color on. You look so pale."  So I searched and risked my health trying on various lipstick shades at every Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto. I couldn't find a bright lipstick shade worth the space in my small everyday makeup bag. It was either much too red, much too pink, much too orange, or just too much.

Finally last August in NYC, I found it. (I just realized I found these 3 products while on vacation. Why? And also, enough with the J.crew posts!) This fabulous shade from poppy king for J.crew is just the perfect mix of red and orange with a great smooth texture and semi-gloss (not too glossy, and not matte) finish. Rumour has it that this shade works on many complexions. See for yourself!

For more J.crew makeup tips, follow this link. Brighten up babes!

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