If you blinked yesterday (like I did), you may have missed the news that Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.crew, is leaving her artist husband for a lesbian relationship.Read the gory details here. I'm not shocked about the split or her new relationship. These days? Meh.

I want Jenna's glasses. Image via NYPost.
I'm shocked that she's giving up the house to her husband. WHAAAAAAT?

jenna's dressing room
I blogged about Jenna's enviable life and home here. Honestly, I wouldn't give up this dressing room for ANYBODY.

On the other hand, I look forward to seeing Jenna + Lover's new abode in Elle Decor or an online shelter magazine real soon. Can you imagine?

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  1. A new lair de Lyons is something to look forward to!


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