...wednesday watch: my so called life reunion

Claire Danes and Jared Leto, 1994 (above) and Feb 2010 (below)
My little tv geek heart was positively thrilled to find this picture of the Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano reunion, taken at the Elle Style Awards last February.

In 1995, I was on mat leave with baby Precious and watched endless My So Called Life reruns between Barney and General Hospital. I'm not a fan of Claire Danes now, but she was perfect as awkward teenager Angela Chase, who likes (they said like, like, a lot) the 'like, way too gorgeous' Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto).

You'll have to watch the series to understand, but by the time Jordan holds Angela's hand, teenage girls (and desperate housewives) everywhere swooned.

It was sweet and complicated, and about 300 people watched the original run. The series was cancelled after only 19 episodes. By then, Angela and Jordan get together for one whole episode, break up, he betrays her, there's a Cyrano twist and possibly Angela belonged with her genius neighbour Brian Krakow anyway. And there were her parents...don't get me started.

Recently Claire spoke with the series' creator Winnie Holzman about those kissing scenes. Let's see, Jared Leto, Leo, Patrick Wilson...it's good to be Claire Danes. 

I believe the whole series is posted on youtube. Don't you love that?

My So-Called Life - The Complete Series (w/ Book)

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  1. this was my ULTIMATE favorite shoe back when it was on ABC for those short few months! Love it still!


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