...fashion friday: holiday by cassis

What do you do if you need a new holiday outfit and you've got neither the time, energy nor the mood to shop? That was my dilemma last weekend, so I headed straight to Cassis.

l to r: black sleeveless dress (unfortunately styled here with a wrap sweater that I would never wear) $120, red dress $130, gold top $80

Don't let their terrible website and dull pictures stop you, Cassis is a great store. It's full of stylish, well made, and reasonably priced apparel for women of a certain age. And it's conveniently located about 35 feet from Bulk Barn. You can drive to the mall, pick up dried oregano and sponge toffee, and then 5 minutes later have a classy new outfit. Where else can you do that? 

I took the black sleeveless dress, red dress, and gold top to the fitting room. Something is up with these rooms. I'm convinced the dim lighting and 3 way mirrors are rigged to make you look slimmer, taller, and younger. Everything looked great, and I'm suddenly swimming in a size 4. That can't be right.

I bought the black dress in case you were wondering. You can't have enough black dresses.

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