...saturday silver screen: love actually

Love Actually is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy with a mix of touching and humorous love stories, and really big movie stars with classy Brit accents. I mean... Hugh Grant! Colin Firth! Liam Neeson! Bill Nighy! Emma Thompson! Keira Knightley! the guy who shoots zombies on Walking Dead!... all in the same 2 hours. What could be better?

all you need is love

On a personal note, I saw this at the theatre on sort of a 'girls night', with then 11yr old Rorygilmore, my mom-in-law the Empress, and my own mother--3 generations of movie lovers. We enjoyed the movie except of course for the bits with the 'porn film stand ins', which we thought was unnecessary and tarnished what would otherwise have been a perfect chick flick. 

Still, at the time I would have paid to see Hugh Grant in anything, loved Keira Knightley's romantic story, and I found Colin Firth's story the funniest and most charming. I would have posted clips, but for some reason all were 'not available' for sharing. Just watch them here and here. Enjoy!

Love Actually (Widescreen Edition)

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