...sunday sale: boxing day!

It's finally Boxing Day, the best darn Canadian holiday ever.

The Christmas rush is done, the presents are wrapped and distributed, meals prepared and consumed, and you even survived the dreaded family get togethers with most of your sanity intact. Yes, the giving and caring and sharing is finally over and it's time to think about yourself once again.

My Boxing Day ritual used to mean waking up at 6:30a, donning the shopping outfit I'd carefully chosen the night before, leaving the house as quickly as I could, arriving at the busiest mall at least 45 minutes before the doors open. Back in the day, I preferred to do this alone. Any companion would just slow me down; no one could possibly keep up with me. I was a woman with a mission. When Rorygilmore was about 12, she started joining me. This girl was trained by the best. We knew the few choice stores worth visiting, stake out the goods, buy whatever we wanted, and skedaddle out of there quickly. By 1pm when lesser, slower beings would just arrive at the mall, we'd be back home napping on the couch.

But not this year. I am shopped out.

Except for one thing...if I can talk the watch store owner into giving me 40% off (and it doesn't hurt to ask), this is coming home with me today.

How are you celebrating Boxing Day? Are you hitting the malls? Or making like a couch potato and eating all the leftover treats? More importantly, if you didn't get what you wanted, do you just go out and buy it for yourself anyway? Or do you really just want peace on earth?

I'm not judging.

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