...fashion friday: kate spade


This outfit from kate spade is exactly how I'd like to look for the holidays -- skinny jeans, tshirt, metallic shoes, dressy jacket, hair off the face. Casual yet elegant.

Cute little black dresses that you can wear for years, one for fat days and the other when you've been good.
A perfect white blouse to wear with Jcrack Minnie pants or skinny jeans, and a puffy coat that doesn't make you look like an Eskimo. And the book? It's a bag, cleverly named 'the book of the month clutch'. Adorable!
Wouldn't this bracelet make a fab gift for your daughter or your bff? Love!

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  1. Hey Marzz! Its Paula from fashionoverfifty checking in! I see we have yoga in common! Am looking forward to getting to know you better in your blog!


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