challenge me, for 101 days...

I need a challenge or I'm going to die of boredom before my 51st birthday. Let's make this interesting. Beginning January 1 and for the next 101 days, I've challenged myself to the following:

1. Complete 101 Bikram yoga classes in 101 days. Hardcore yogis believe it's not a 101 challenge unless you go to class for 101 days straight, but I know that's nearly impossible. So there will be days when I will do doubles to make up for missed classes. If When I complete this challenge, then I know I'll be ready to commit to Bikram teacher training.

Level of Difficulty: Low. I did a 101 challenge when I started Bikram and recently completed another 30 day challenge. I know I can do this, barring injury or the apocalypse. And to be perfectly honest, my sanity depends on it.


2. Stick to pesco-vegetarian diet. I embarked on a 10 day vegan challenge in September, on a dare. I was surprised how easy it was to change the way I eat. Since then, I've been more or less a pesco-vegetarian; I don't consume meat, dairy, or poultry, but I occasionally eat fish (sushi or tuyo, to be specific) and have used traditional fish-based Filipino condiments to season my food. (If I had to choose my last meal, it will be green mangoes with bagoong.)I don't intend to change that, but I admit I fell off the vegetarian wagon over the holidays. And paid for it. Cheese really is unnecessary, and makes you feel like sh*t. And then it should be accompanied by red wine.

Having watched "Forks over Knives", I'm convinced that a whole foods, plant-based diet is the way to a healthy life. I'll never eat meat, dairy or poultry again. I'd love to say I'm vegan, but vegans don't wear wool, silk and leather. So let's just say vegetarian.

Level of Difficulty: Medium. I'm a Filipino mother. I grew up on meat and I'm currently the only vegetarian at home (though my angelic rorygilmore is leaning towards it). But I'm the boss here, so the family should get used to a LOT of meatless meals. They really have no choice. I want my family to learn that humans should eat to live, not live to eat.
3. Don't buy ANY clothes or accessories. It occurs to me that there are women on the planet who don't buy a sweater, dress, or bag unless they need a new sweater, dress, or bag. I don't understand these women, but I admire them greatly. Even though my closet already contains the perfect wardrobe for the stylish work-from-home yogi, I have never deprived myself of anything whenever I see say, a cute cashmere sweater on sale, at the mall or online. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. I don't need anything. I have a closet full of clothes I hardly wear (except for those Lulu yoga outfits) and It bags that have barely seen sunshine.  So, no clothes shopping. Clarification: I can buy food of course, and some things for the house. But NO CLOTHES.

Level of Difficulty: High. Off the meter high. The 'desire to acquire' runs through my veins. But what does it say about me that I can 1) willingly drive myself to a torture chamber where I sweat like a farm animal, 2) eliminate the food that I love and was raised on, BUT I can't stop spending money on things that I don't need? I'm quitting, cold turkey, at least for 101 days.

However, there's hope. It won't be too difficult to avoid the mall if Jcrew continues to show more ridiculous outfits like this one.
Denim shirt, floral full skirt and gold loafers... really?!

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