golden globes 2012, random thoughts...

I love awards nights, especially the Golden Globes. But this year's awards were such a snoozefest! I couldn't wait for it all to end so I could catch up with Downton Abbey on the PVR.

Here are some random thoughts...

Why must Ryan Seacrest interview each and every Glee cast member? It's especially annoying when other stars don't get any air time at all. For example, Connie Britton was in the house! I'm sure Tami Taylor has much more interesting things to say than Diana Agron. Also, why does Lea Michele pose like this? I'm not Lea's biggest fan, but she'll be a far better Eponine in the Les Miserables movie than Taylor Swift.

Paula Patton is married to Robin Thicke. She's also been in a few movies. Why did she have to take 'posing' lessons from Lea Michelle? Sit down, Paula Patton! I can't even look at the dress.

Most Beautiful Women - Diane, Elizabeth, Jodie, Madeleine. 50ish is the new 25!
Diane Lane always looks effortlessly glamorous.

Elizabeth McGovern looks a bit like Snow White, but I'm thrilled that she's reviving her career with Downton Abbey. I wanted to be Elizabeth in the early 80s after I saw her in Ordinary People

Jodie Foster looks to be in better shape now than she did when she won her first Oscar for 'The Accused'. Although it looks like the same dress. But that doesn't matter. She's Jodie Foster! We should bow at her feet. However, I did catch Carnage. Save your money and wait for the DVD/Netflix stream.

I had to enlarge this, for your gawking pleasure. I don't know what illuminizing radiance makeup Madeleine Stowe uses, but I want gallons of it! She is 53! Okay, she may have a little bit of work done, but it's not too much. I wish I could say that about Madonna.

Cutest Couple - Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
Did you see them with Giuliana on the red carpet? They look and sound like a happily married, normal couple next door (except hot) who can't believe their luck. Emphasis on normal. Unlike these two below. 

Worst Couple on the red carpet, possibly the planet. 
You know it's killing me to post their picture, but I wanted you to see just how strange these people are in comparison to Channing/Jenna and other humans. WTF? These two are among the super-privileged .01%. Smile, for gods sake! 

Best Win - Joey Tribiani
I loved Episodes, the HBO show you've probably never heard of until now. He deserved this win, and also for all those years on Friends. Love the silvery hair!

Why is Kelly Osborne a fashion critic on E!? Her dress is from Imelda Marcos (I'm Filipino, I know this) and the grey hair is very Evita. Why do young women do this to themselves?

I gasped when Jane Fonda walked onstage. She's 74?! I'm digging out my old Jane Fonda Workout VHS tapes and my striped leotards. Someone said on twitter that "Jane hasn't eaten in a full meal in 30 years." Well, it's working for her!

Most Overlooked - Fassbender
The Golden Globes didn't show Fassbender at all until Clooney mentioned Fassy in his Best Actor acceptance speech (talk about penis envy). That's fine. Fassbender, like RG, is too good for this stuff.  While we're on the subject... despite two nominations, RG still didn't show. Good for him. Bradley Cooper presented on his behalf. 

Most Overlooked #2 - Leo 
What does Leo have to do to win Best Actor? There is  no way on earth that Clooney's acting is better than anything that Leo's ever done. 

Worst Dressed - Buffy
Sometimes it's hard to pick just one among a sea of bad gowns, but this one screamed "WORST" as soon as I saw it. Which is a shame because Buffy is cute and petite. 

Surprise Win, or Not?
You know how much I adore Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess Violet in Downton, but when I saw Jessica Lange as Constance in American Horror Story, I knew Maggie had some serious competition. 

I adore Amy Poehler and Will Arnett! But why do you think Will looks worried and awkward in this picture? Maybe because he just caught a glimpse of his first wife...
...Penelope Ann Miller in the audience. Awkward! Will and Miller were married for about a year. I bet you didn't know that. Anyway, he's certainly upgraded, hasn't he? Why on earth was Penelope there?

Best Dressed #1
This two tone Lanvin dress is perfect for Emma Stone, who can do no wrong. 

Best Dressed #2
Not a lot of people can pull this off, but Rooney Mara can. If only she would smile, she's so much prettier when she does. BTW, I've seen the American Dragon Tattoo, and prefer Rooney's more vulnerable Lisbeth to Noomi's. But the Swedish movie was better, IMO. 

So judging by the awards, The Descendants and The Artist are prime contenders for the Oscar Best Picture.  2011 was not a good year for movies. 

all images: tomandlorenzo.com

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