currently seeking...AHS bedroom sconces

Sometimes I watch shows and spend as much time focusing on the set than the plot. I really enjoyed American Horror Story as you know, but whenever they had a scene in the master bedroom, I was looking at wall sconces above the headboard. Seriously, the things that went on in the bedroom to Vivienne, and I'm staring at the lighting...

Dylan Mcdermott as the world's dumbest psychiatrist, in the Murder House bedroom of horror. I wish I could find a better picture of the room. Check out those double swing arm lamps! 
Swing arm lamps are the best for bedside reading. I've been browsing my usual sources for affordable options.
Anthro's double arm lamp is prettiest one. Brass is my current favourite metal. Unfortunately, it's also the priciest at nearly $500 each. Yikes. Time to keep looking...

Not quite right, huh?
I love the simplicity of this lamp. Imagine a white tufted headboard with a pair of black lamps above. Unfortunately I've seen this up close and didn't quite love it as much. 

These 2 options from RH are much better. The first option is on sale for $100, and the second with the cool bulb is around $250. I wish they had two arms. 
On a side note, the AHS Murder House is back on the market! Originally priced last year at $4 million, it was removed from the market after the telecast and the price was corrected to $17 million. In case you're interested...

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  1. was so excited to find your post! i have been obsessing over the AHS lamps since i saw the first episode, and I have been looking for something similar. Thanks for the pics, i absolutely LOVE the last 2 selections!


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