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Downtown Abbey, PBS Masterpiece
I haven't been this excited about a tv show since the finale of Lost (moment of silence for the heroic Dr Jack Shepherd, please). The PBS hit Downton Abbey finally returns tonight for its second season. Even if every other fan has already seen season 2 online, I've so far resisted the temptation to stream it.

I'm old fashioned. I want to enjoy it as it unfolds, hear the Masterpiece theme and Laura Linney's introduction. I'll watch every Sunday, and again and again, until Matthew comes to his senses and realizes that Lady Mary loves him after all. So tonight you'll find me by the fireplace, with a tray of cookies and my almond milk London Fog latte, live tweeting... Heaven!

Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess (or is it Countess Dowager) Violet gets the best lines! "What is a weekend?" 
Season 1 would've been resolved much more quickly if Lady Mary and Matthew just admitted that they loved each other. But then we wouldn't have a show, would we? True love never runs smoothly.  
I enjoy the sibling rivalry between the beautiful Lady Mary and her poor, 'plain' sister, Lady Edith. And then there's the rebellious youngest sister, Lady Sybil.
Confirmation that you're in a hit. Vogue does a 'Get the look' feature.  Love it!

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