do you want another longchamp?...

You think the answer is NO. You've probably already got a Longchamp or two in your closet. One can't walk the streets of New York, Paris, or Toronto without bumping into a teenager or their mother toting a Le Pliage. Who needs another one?

Prepare to change your mind. (I apologize to my vegan friends who are reading this post. I'm aware that leather is wrong and unethical.)
longchamp le pliage cuir

The Le Pliage--affordable, functional, lightweight, foldable--is now available in 100% leather. It comes in a rainbow of colours from neutrals to brights. I'm in love with the Le Pliage Cuir in red.

Is the movie entertaining or annoying? Impossibly thin, long legged models strutting and "dancing" really turns me off. 
And I'm trying my best not to be snarky because it's Lent.

Do you want another Longchamp?


  1. The Mary Katrantzou designs for Longchamp are HOT. Too bad they've sold out already.

  2. I just love this red Le Pliage and in leather? Omg, be still my heart!
    Thanks for sharing this. Must put this on my "wish list" !


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