a favourite recipe: asian in america's vegetable stew...

There is nothing more comforting to this Filipino vegetarian than pinakbet, a stew cooked by boiling a variety of vegetables together in broth and shrimp paste. I was thrilled when my twitter pal, @Mango_Queen, posted this pinakbet slow cooker recipe on her outstanding food blog, Asian in America.
Asian in America vegetable stew, recipe here
The results were out of this world delicious! 

I could say that this is the portion I had for lunch. But that would be a lie. I ate 3 times this much.
And of course, her picture looks much better. Food blogger and photog I am not. 


  1. Oh my goodness, Marla, what an honor! Thanks for so much for making his "Pinakbet" and mentioning me in your lovely blog! Glad you enjoyed! Will do my best to bring you some more healthy, delish veggie recipes!

  2. The portion in our picture would have been a mere sample for me--I would have easily eaten three times more myself. :)


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