falling off the wagon and a veganized treat!...

source: bikram yoga centre
As you know, I've been eating a mostly plant-based diet since September. I say mostly because I'll admit to occasionally consuming fish when I'm at a Japanese restaurant (sushi) or at my mother's house (sinigang or daing). These lapses occur maybe once every 2 weeks.

But then I visited my twitter friend TitaFlip's new street food stall, Kanto. I lost all my willpower and succumbed to her delicious pansit palabok (noodles with shrimp), arroz caldo (rice soup with chicken), and lechon (roast pork). The mouth-watering meal, at least three times what I could normally eat, was beyond delicious. I just surrendered... My belly was so full I could barely move from the couch. I needed a 2 hour nap to recover. My planned evening Bikram class was written off and forgotten.

Instead of giving up my veg(etari)an diet altogether because of one delicious indiscretion, I forgave myself. My daily diet will remain 99.5% plant-based without meat, dairy, poultry. I'm forever veg(etari)an. 
vegan 'pritchon', aka crispy oyster mushroom wrap
It is really so easy to eat a plant-based diet. You just have to be creative and open to new tastes. With that in mind, I was inspired by Malou Nievera's pritchon recipe to create a veganized version of a crispy wrap. I replaced the fried roast pork (yes, fried roast pork) with mushrooms. The recipe is posted here on my twitter pal AstigVegan's blog.

Eat veg(etari)an and enjoy!

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