...fashion friday: club monaco spring lookbook

The Club Monaco spring lookbook arrived in my mailbox, just as meteorologists are forecasting more snow this week. How cruel. Hmm, let's put a positive spin on this... I  am looking forward to wearing and seeing these spring styles from my Canadian store.

Do you love how the model is wearing her hair up in a sophisticated chignon? The hairstyle may be inspired by Black Swan, but I haven't even seen the movie yet and this is how I prefer to wear my hair these days.  However, the crew socks/peep toe ankle boots combo just looks silly to me.

The Good: 1. loose, belted silky dress looks really cute and comfy; 2. scoopneck tee and matching skirt, so sophisticated on the right figure, not mine, sadly; 3. cm makes the best blouses.

The Really Good: 1. love this tailored blazer and pointy flats; 2. is that a cashmere short sleeve sweat? hubbahubba; 3. long sleeveless jacket reminds me of the outfit carrie wore when she went to the library in SATC1.

The Bad: 1. belted bustier strapless prairie dress, really?!; 2. the top half is really good but the bottom half reminds me of my pj shorts; 3. the top half is ok but if the inverted pleat twill skirt doesn't look good on the model, imagine the rest of us. And those crew socks/peep toe ankle boots combo really have to go away. 

How many months left until spring?

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