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eiffel tower, anthropologie
I collect replica Eiffel Towers. I can't remember when 2 towers became 4 towers but now I've lost count, and there must be at least 30 of them in my house. The smallest, found on a trip to Vegas, is about the size of a thimble. The tallest is 6 feet tall and stands outside my powder room. I display them on our bar, on the coffee table, and hanging on a glittery Eiffel Tower 'tree'. My towers are made of chrome, brass, wire, paper, tin, ceramic, and everything else that can be shaped into this famous landmark

There is a story behind each piece in my collection. I hadn't been in Paris 12 hours and I'd already purchased 10 minis near a rue Rivoli tourist trap. I've found them everywhere, usually when travelling, even if I'm nowhere near France (for example, the Target in Maine). I was once at an upscale boutique near my home that had several plastic replicas on display, not for sale, but to tie in to their Paris theme. I asked if I could buy one, and they were kind enough to just give it to me.That was a good day. Towers make me happy.

My newest tower is 1' tall, made of cardboard and spray glitter. It is a gift from my much missed former boss, the beloved Evil Genius. And as much as I treasure all my towers (like a mother loves all her children equally), this will be my favorite, the one I prize above all.

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