...fashion friday: what i'm really wearing

fur trapper hat, h&m.com
In Canada during the darkest days of winter, fur is NOT politically incorrect. It's a necessity. I've been wearing a fur trapper hat (fake, $15 from h&m) just to run errands. Today I wore the hat when I picked up Precious from school. There I sat in the parking lot waiting for my son, wearing my trapper hat. Let's just say, he was not amused.

not me, but you get the picture
It's so cold I'm not ashamed to say I've been wearing my mom's full length mink coat more often. I'm tempted to wear the coat to yoga. Last weekend I wore it church and then the grocery store. I do TRY to avoid looking exactly like my mother (...the horror of looking in the mirror and seeing your mother!) by mixing it up with a somewhat youthful look of nautical striped tee, thermal fleece running pants tucked into boots, swingy ponytail and bright red lipstick.
that's marion cotillard and her ponytail, the rest is mine. the coat is huge--full length means full coverage.

It goes without saying that I would never wear the fur hat with the mink coat. That would be a crime.

But please, for the fur... don't judge me. It's freezing!

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