...fashion friday: yogi style

After a brief hiatus and a bit of goal setting, I'm proud to say that I'm back to practising yoga daily. Which means, it's time to reward myself with a new yoga outfit.
all you need for hot yoga: the challenge tank, challenge shorts, a non-skid towel and a bottle of water, lululemon

The truth is, I don't need a new outfit. I've been practising for several years now and have accumulated enough lululemon pieces to last the rest of my life.

Yet I can't resist their new Challenge line, which encourages you to 'challenge yourself to 40 days of yoga and this anti-stink tank will be with you every step of the way'. That's what it says, right there on the tag. Does that mean I can wear this stuff for 40 days and it won't stink even if I don't wash it? Yikes.

By the way, if you are a yogi and are tempted by these skidless towels, please don't buy these $55 towels at lulu. $55 for a towel is bullshit nonsense. Invest the money on the tank, then run to Winners, where you'll find yogarat non-skid towels for $20.


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