...wednesday wish: prints

UGH. All the black and grey outerwear in the already bleak winter landscape is really depressing. Many of my fellow yogis arrive at the studio wearing a 'uniform' that's usually a dark parka and leggings tucked into UGG boots. So practical and boring. I'm really tired of it, as I've said before. And we have about 3 months of winter left.

So I just had to buy this lovely Karella coat from Anthro yesterday. It's anti-minimalist, anti-neutral, it's not me at all, and it's really not even that warm. But I just love it.  With all this colour and pattern (admittedly reminiscent of a Persian rug), I would only wear black jeans, a thin black sweater and black boots, and I'd even wear my hair up in a bun, just to balance everything that's going on.
karella coat, anthropologie
Speaking of prints... How lovely is this dress? It's hard to tell from the picture but I believe that's a Paris scene with the Seine and Eiffel Tower, and so named the Paris 50's prom dress. This wouldn't fit my not quite yoga-toned body right now and I'm DECADES away from my prom, but it would be perfect on my darling petite rorygilmore.

Paris 50s prom dress, asos
 Wouldn't you feel happy wearing prints for a change? Or is it just me?

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