Skinny Bitch, my 10 day vegan challenge: Day 10!!!!

Why did I do a vegan challenge? Just to see if I could do it. That's really the reason numero uno. I'm not trying to save the world. I'm not an animal rights activist. I'm not trying to get skinny. I'm not overly concerned about my health. I wanted to prove something to myself and I did. Done. I could restrict my diet. Now what?

Day10 vegan challenge meals:

Breakfast: 8am, pomelo. A really big, tart citrus fruit. Big. Bigger than my head. Not recommended.
Beverage: 9am, Starbucks Via (bloody expensive instant coffee) with almond milk.

Lunch: Noon, rice bowl with crispy mushrooms (leftover from the night before and still crispy fresh) and spinach sauteed in garlic and onions.
Snack: 2pm, grapes, almonds.
Dinner: Nothing. Too busy with work and trying to get to yoga. Also, not hungry. Since when?
Post-yoga snack: Vegan hot cocoa while watching fall tv premieres. Ah, bliss!

My 10days are over. Hurray! After Wednesday, I can drink milk, eat cheese and steak and fish and pork and ... ewww. I just feel too good on this diet to ever go back to the way I ate before.

A new challenge begins. I'm extending my 10 days to 21! I can't post everyday. I'm too busy with work deadlines that I must respect. After all I owe my healthy lifestyle in part to my employer who allows me the flexibility to have the ideal work-life balance. Also, the new fall tv season has started (I have my priorities), and the tower of reading materials on my nightstand are becoming a dangerous situation. To fully transition to this lifestyle, I have to move from obsessing about veganism to fully integrating the new diet with the rest of my life.
The next 11 days will present different challenges. Restaurant meals, office party, girls' night... Will I be tempted to eat meat products and dairy? Or will I preach veganism to my companions? How much more annoying will I be? Maybe if I look fabulous I may convince them...

Can I fully commit to a vegan lifetyle? I can skip dairy. Steak, pork or chicken may never taste the same. The thought of hot dogs from a street vendor? Gross. But I'm not sure that I can give up fish yet. That's going to be tough.

And whatever will I do with my lifetime collection of leather bags, shoes, furniture, and *gulp* cowhide rugs?!

to be continued...

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