skinny bitch: vegan challenge day 9

Day 9 saw my mood lighten. I'm optimistic, energetic and much more productive. So productive in fact that I'm exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to be vegan. Now I have to plan, shop, prep and cook almost daily. On my normal diet, there were many days when I didn't buy, cook or eat anything fresh. Coffee for breakfast, leftovers or crackers for lunch, and then we'd go out or order in for dinner. My diet wasn't good for my body, and maybe even worse for my soul.

Today, 9 days into my 10 day challenge, not only do I feel better but I LOVE how my vegan food tastes. Everything is fresh, more flavourful and delicious! I should have been eating like this all of my adult life.


Day 9 vegan challenge meals:

Breakfast: 7am. Nectarine.
Beverage: 8am. Starbucks Colombian Via with almond milk.
Snack: 10am. Almonds.
Lunch: 12noon. Vegan fried rice with bok choy. AstigVegan suggested I substitute black bean sauce for salted shrimp fry (bagoong). It's not quite the same flavour, but it really worked with all the veggies and tofu. I was full for hours and didn't feel the need to eat anything before yoga.

Vegan fried rice. OK, vegan food isn't pretty.

Dinner (sort of): 8:30pm. Crispy oyster mushrooms in the guise of Chicharon Bulaklak. Post yoga, I wanted a treat while watching my fall tv shows. (Yes, I schedule my life around tv. Yes, we have a PVR.) I wouldn't call this a nutritious dinner, but it was exactly what I wanted! I was tempted by twitpics of porchetta and fried pork rind (which I know sounds really disgusting to non-Filipinos), and was dying for something salty and crunchy. This was HEAVEN!
Crispy oyster mushrooms aka Chicharon bulaklak, from AstigVegan
Tomorrow, the last day of my 10day Skinny Bitch challenge. Will I continue my vegan ways?

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're using our recipes :) For the black bean dish, it's better to saute garlic, onion and tomatoes first before adding the black beans, this step makes a big difference.

    Going vegan is a commitment, whether it's to the environment, the animals, yourself, or all three...or other good reasons.

    Some people try to trick or talk me into eating meat again, even challenge and question my values (maybe they're defensive about their own? I'm not sure). But ultimately, what made me vegan is what keep me vegan.

    Your reasons for making the commitment will determine whether or not you will stay the course. I hope they are good enough!


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