the perfect shirt?

Can one have too many animal prints? Or is the leopard print now considered so classic, that it's basically a neutral?
Jcrew Perfect Shirt
I hate to admit that I added another leopard print to the mix. But the Jcrew Perfect Shirt actually lives up to its name--soft, comfortable, tailored all at the same time.

What is not perfect however, is this...This shirt cost me $70 ($78 USD minus rorygilmore's 15% student discount, plus 4.25% tax) when I bought it in NYC. Had I bought the exact same shirt at the Yorkdale JCrew store ($92 CAD, no discount, plus 13% tax), I would have paid $104.Nearly 50% more for the exact same item! That's criminal!

Do retailers team up with the Revenue Agency to continue to rip Canadians off? Ugh. If I only had the willpower to boycott them all.

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