skinny bitch: vegan challenge day 6

eThe weekend and the toughest part of my 10 day challenge has arrived -- the Saturday night Filipino (and definitely not vegan) family dinner. How would I handle it? Should I tell them of my challenge ahead of time? Not wanting to call attention to myself, I decided against telling them. The best way to handle dinner would be to just eat the vegetables in front of me. How I prayed I wouldn't be tempted by a steak or barbeque dinner!
Instead my in-laws served a variety of foods -- chicken and vegetable curry, sauteed green beans, fried rice noodles. I wasn't even tempted by the pork tenderloin. Dessert was buko pandan and watermelon. I only ate the veggies and fruit and nobody seemed to notice any changes in my diet. Whew!

Day 6 vegan challenge meals:

Beverage: 9:30am, green tea. I slept in (what a luxury!) and decided against coffee before 10am Bikram.

Lunch: 1pm, Buddha vegetable mix (sauteed 3 kinds of mushrooms, water chestnuts, tofu, baby corn, carrots) on rice. Delicious!
Snacks: All afternoon, almonds, bag of Praeventia vegetarian cocoa cookies, plum.
Dinner: 7pm, All the vegan options from the family dinner--fried noodles, vegetable curry on rice, sauteed green beans. Watermelon for dessert.

I'm already feelin' like a skinny b*tch.

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