skinny bitch: vegan challenge day 8

Maybe it was because the day was so dark and dreary, which after weeks of sunshine caught me by surprise. Or my laptop crashed just as I was about to deliver an important project I'd worked so hard on. Or hormones. But after proudly writing that I'm not hungry, today my appetite caught up with me.

I've successfully completed a week of a vegan diet. Really no mean feat for someone who's lived on the planet for 50 years craving salted shrimp bagoongong with my green mangoes, sinigang with pork belly, and steak very well done. I've even been known to single handedly finish a bag of chicken skin chicharon during the 10 minute drive from the Filipino store to my mom's house. I'm a carnivore born and raised. It's a miracle I'm not twice my size. So I'll pat myself on the back for a successful week as a vegan.

Day 8 and the track might be a slippery slope but I'm still on it. I ate vegan, just ate more today than I should have. I'll accept that stress and loneliness might be getting to me. I want to lay on the couch and drown my sorrows. I couldn't find the energy to go out in the dark to my yoga studio. Instead I chose to make calzones for Precious. It makes me happy to pamper him sometimes; he asks for so little. I didn't eat a calzone, not one little bite. I deserve a medal for that.

Day 8 vegan challenge meals:

Breakfast: 8:30, nectarine. Just fruit, nothing else said Skinny Bitch.
Beverage: 9am. Starbucks Gold something roast with almond milk.
Lunch: 11:30-12:30, Pita with portobello, avocado, peppers.
Snack: 3pm, Praeventia cookies, 8 almonds.
Dinner: 6pm, Fried rice noodles and eggplant.

I was too hungry and lazy today to even take a picture of my food before I ate everything. But tomorrow will be different. I'll be energetic and productive. There will be pictures. My forehead will touch my yoga mat. And I'll continue my vegan journey.

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