skinny bitch: vegan challenge day 7

On day 7 of my my 10day vegan challenge, I'm feeling better than ever. Yes, I'm feelin' skinny, but that isn't because I've switched from meat to veggies.

A vegan diet isn't an automatic free ticket to weight loss. Vegans may avoid high-calorie foods such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and honey, but if we stuff ourselves with loads of pasta, bread, french fries, dairy-free ice cream, and nuts, we'll end up gaining weight, not losing it. Yes, I can eat salad for every meal, but if it's smothered in dressing, diced avocado, roasted almonds, croutons, and Craisins, I'll probably go up a size.

I'm proud to say that on my weekend trip to the vegan aisle of my local grocery store, I was happily surprised to find these delicious vegan treats that I've heard rave reviews about. Although I could technically eat them on this challenge, but I'm glad I passed.
Frozen vegan treats. Yes, I can eat them, but should I?
Day 7 vegan challenge meals:

Breakfast: 10:30am. I slept in, again! A plum. The BEST thing I've learned from SkinnyBitch is to eat fruit for breakfast, on an empty stomach. Just fruit. Not fruit and juice. Not fruit and toast. Not fruit and coffee. Just fruit. Try it and thank me later.
Beverage: 11am. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch: Noon. Leftover Buddha veggie stirfry with white rice. Too busy cleaning and working to cook. And the food was still delicious.
Dinner: 6:30pm during Emmy red carpet. Coconut jam on 3grain bread, decaf chai tea almond latte.

It looks like I'm not eating much. It's true. I'm just not hungry, or craving anything. I didn't expect this. Considering ordering pizza (vegan for me, pesto for Precious), but Precious came home from a late lunch with his aunt and said 'I'm so full I don't think I can even eat dinner tonight.'. Me: 'Who are you and what have you done to my child?!"

A healthy lifestyle is contagious.

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