skinny bitch: vegan challenge day 3

Should I just admit that I needed this challenge not just to get healthy, but to do something with myself? R has been away on the LONGEST BUSINESS TRIP EVER. rorygilmore has *sob* moved back to school. Precious has such a busy social life he really just wants to be funded, fed, and driven everywhere. So I'm lonely and I needed a project. Veganism is my project, at least for 10 days.
Skinny Bitch in the Kitch

It's easy to be vegan when you live in my neighbourhood. I'm surrounded by grocery stores of every variety. I can walk to the higher-end grocery store that has the best bread and produce, where there also happens to be a Starbucks that I've now convinced to carry almond milk. For free. There is a Costco 5 minutes away where I can buy a boatload of portobello mushroom caps for less than the latest issue of Vogue. There's a farmers market on weekends where I can buy a bushel of tomatoes or carrots for $10. Not that I would. But more importantly, there is the large Asian supermarket that has 50 varieties of tofu and this.
Filipino vegetarian food. In a can. Who knew?
I have no excuse. And with less people to worry about these days, there's lots of time to shop, prep and cook healthy meals.

Day 3 vegan challenge meals:

Breakfast: The last of the canteloupe and papaya
Morning beverage: Fresh brewed Starbucks anniversary blend with almond milk. I'm not giving up coffee. This coffee was the highlight of my morning. Which is kinda sad and tells you a lot about my day.
Snack: Nothing. Wasn't hungry and didn't really have the time.
Lunch: Avocado and grilled portobello, red pepper and zucchini on 3 grain bread.
Yummier than it looks!
Dinner: Rice bowl with sauteed bok choy, spicy tofu and eggplant. Precious and I had dinner after I returned from yoga. I made him a bulgogi rice bowl.
My late night post-yoga vegan dinner. I started to eat, then took the picture.
As my vegan challenge buddy ChattyCathy (CC) says, 'This is fun!'. Obviously CC is lonely and bored too.

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