bag stalking: clutches...

I have a tiny handbag obsession. The truth is, I could be driving a luxury car, but I spent the money on handbags. (Hey, a car just gets you from PointA to PointB anyway. Does it have to be fancy? or reliable? Who needs a built in GPS or bluetooth when you have a vintage 8track player? And a few leather purses that will be worth a fortune in the vintage market someday?)

Between rorygilmore and I, we own a small fortune in upscale/designer handbags.  We're bag snobs. Believe it or not, we don't own a decent clutch purse. So I'm currently searching for the perfect timeless 'everyday' clutch that we can share.

These style photos have fuelled my obsession.

The Handbag Gods answered three of my prayers with this beauty. It's a (1) Balenciaga, with (2) rose gold hardware and finally, it's a (3) clutch.


PS. I don't pretend to be perfect. I am also fully aware that a baby calf died in Italy to create this bag. That's why I call myself vegetarian, and not vegan. I am flawed. And ashamed.

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