jcrew shirts, genius...

Gosh. Just when I think I'm over them, the marketing geniuses at Jcrew hit me over the head with their styling tips. I'm such a sucker for this stuff.
jcrew lookbook
I've bought my share of Jcrew shirts lately, and this is exactly how I wear them. Honestly, I've been wearing them a little too much--Thanksgiving, Christmas, family party, lunch or coffee with friends, dinner with the boys, shopping, on my way to and from yoga--the Jcrew shirts are my go-to tops these days. But they are comfy, fit beautifully, and are absolutely PERFECT, just as they're named.

my Jcrew shirt wardrobe: royal paisley perfect shirt, keeper chambray shirt, and leopard perfect shirt. 
Here are more inspiring Jcrew outfits, with simple 'rules' for spring wardrobe.  

I really want the tillary tote!
I don't love the jules in this print, but it's a great dress. must have!
I will definitely buy a pair of cafe capris. when they're on sale.
Go to their lookbook here. If you're not inspired to revamp your entire wardrobe after viewing, you're a much stronger person than me.

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